Empower your K–8 students all summer, helping them learn critical thinking, gain confidence, and have fun!

Engaged Learning through the Summer K–8 AVID STEM Academy

Preparing our students for careers we cannot even imagine!

The world depends on STEM, and there aren’t enough qualified individuals to take on the millions of STEM careers that go unfilled each year.

Join the AVID STEM Academy to embolden students to shape their future—and that of the world—through this multidisciplinary, interactive experience for K–8 students. Discover how teachers can accelerate learning this summer by engaging students in hands-on lessons that foster creativity and build problem-solving skills.

Students will participate in K–2, 3–5, or 6–8 learning opportunities that focus on design thinking and build STEM-based literacy through multidisciplinary activities, multimodal learning, and standards-based instruction.

AVID STEM Academy provides support for teachers new to STEM as well as experienced practitioners with an instructional approach that focuses on design thinking, problem-solving skills, and relational capacity.

AVID STEM Academy aligns lessons with connections to social-emotional learning (SEL); diversity, equity, and inclusion; and the development of a growth mindset.


per educator license with a minimum purchase of 10 licenses.

Includes access to lessons and supporting resources for teachers and students via AVID’s eLearning platform.

Available to all educators.


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About This Experience

Develop Future-Ready Skills

The students in our classrooms today will have career opportunities that we cannot even imagine! While we may not exactly know what those jobs will be, there is a strong possibility they will be related to the STEM field. All students need to be introduced to STEM experiences at an early age to build the foundation they will need for future careers. Most careers will require that people can think critically, collaborate with others, and solve real-world problems.

Students as Problem Solvers and Global Collaborators

AVID STEM Academy curates experiences that allow students to respond with empathy to current events while developing authentic solutions that can be shared with their communities—their school, neighborhood, or global audience. The multidisciplinary lessons and resources in AVID STEM Academy are designed to help educators develop students’ future-ready skills through a variety of engaging topics.


AVID STEM Academy Provides

  • Key foundational lessons highlighting the steps of the design thinking process.
  • Lessons that offer accessible and equitable entry points to design thinking and social and emotional learning to students.
  • Standards-aligned lessons showing how STEM can be utilized to promote problem solving in core subjects.
  • Opportunities for students to develop future-ready skills that will prepare them to be successful in high school and beyond.
  • A variety of learning opportunities to foster creativity, collaboration, growth mindset, and social and emotional growth.
  • Classroom-ready curriculum with suggested modifications for a virtual learning environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

AVID STEM Academy offers students the chance to see the world through the lens of a STEM mindset as they communicate new ideas, think critically about real-world problems and concepts, and collaborate with peers to generate new creative and innovative solutions that are tied to content.

Each lesson found within AVID STEM Academy will clearly denote the standards that correspond to the lesson content. Standards come from a common list of national standards, including CCSS, NGSS, and ISTE.

AVID STEM Academy is targeted to match up with concepts and skills that are currently being taught in classrooms across the United States. Students will be exposed to new resources and strategies while applying the knowledge and skills gained in traditional classroom instruction in new, application-based ways.

The future-ready skills are embedded throughout the K–8 AVID STEM Academy within each lesson and mini-lesson.

There are many opportunities for collaboration within each lesson. The lessons provide specific strategies educators can use in a face-to-face, virtual, or hybrid classroom with recommendations on digital tools that can be integrated to bring these strategies to life online.

Each lesson offers options for teaching remotely or teaching in person.

Students will hone their skills in Claims, Evidence, and Reasoning while assisting with reading comprehension skills including the ability to understand charts, graphs, and infographics. In addition, students will learn how to apply problem-solving strategies to writing research papers and practice their writing skills across multiple modalities.