Ready-to-Go Lesson Plans for STEM

Make STEM education accessible for all students.

Students in our K–12 classrooms today will have career opportunities we cannot even imagine! While we may not exactly know what those jobs will be, it is likely they will require the skills built from engagement in STEM learning.

All students need to be introduced to STEM experiences. AVID STEM Connections® offers lesson plans and ancillary materials to incorporate STEM experiences into any classroom—across subject and grade level.

Integrate STEM across disciplines.

STEM Connections lessons are designed to be used by educators without STEM backgrounds and allow for easy integration of STEM learning into any class or subject. These unique lessons help STEM experiences come alive in subjects like English, history, science, and more.

Best of all—AVID STEM Connections is available to both AVID partners and non-partners, increasing STEM possibilities for all students!


for non-members per site for the 2023–24 school year


for AVID partners per site for the 2023–24 school year


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Help students build critical skills.

  • With content aligned to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Common Core State Standards (CCSS), AVID STEM Connections lessons help students develop into universal problem solvers. Lessons also integrate ISTE Student Standards and AVID’s WICOR® instructional methodology, which promotes writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading.
  • Lessons are based on the 5E instructional model of engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate. This approach fosters discovery, exploration, and curiosity and enables students to deeply engage and take ownership of their learning.

Build global STEM citizens.

  • Provide opportunities for students to build social and emotional learning skills as they collaborate to develop creative solutions to real problems and discover the positive impact they can have on the world.
  • Engage students in hands-on, purposeful lessons that incorporate design thinking and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) such as clean energy and no poverty.

Choose from a wide array of lessons.

  • Lessons for K–2, 3–6, 6–8, and 9–12 are released monthly (September–May) and include blended learning opportunities.
  • Lessons include teacher presentations and student resources, as well as modifications and extensions for STEM specialists.

Frequently Asked Questions

AVID STEM Connections offers students the chance to see the world through the lens of a STEM mindset as they communicate new ideas and think critically about real-world issues. These inclusive and fun resources also mitigate student self-selection out of STEM learning opportunities based on false narratives such as, “I’m not a math person.”

Absolutely not! Educators with or without STEM backgrounds can easily use STEM Connections lessons to engage K–12 students in STEM experiences.

Each lesson found within AVID STEM Connections will clearly denote the standards that each lesson corresponds to from a common list of national standards.

These power-packed lessons help students build STEM literacy and career awareness while developing the critical skills required for success in any discipline or profession of the future.