Empower Multilingual Scholars with AVID Emerge

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Amplifying Language Acquisition and Scholar Success

AVID Emerge is a catalyst for accelerating academic language acquisition, purposefully weaving reading, writing, listening, and speaking into every facet of instructional practice.

AVID Emerge:

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Offers research-backed, differentiated resources for secondary ELD classrooms.

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Supports all language proficiencies in ELD classrooms.

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Integrates smoothly into various educational approaches – from complementing core curricula to boosting the main ELD program.

By choosing AVID Emerge, educators can help their scholars:

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Accelerate Learning: Fast-track their language learning.

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Gain Clarity: Obtain a clearer vision of their long-term aspirations.

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Navigate Successfully: Empower themselves to successfully navigate towards their goals.

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Key outcomes for AVID Emerge students:

  • Accelerated Language Acquisition: Rapid development of academic language skills.
  • Building Relational Capacity: Fostering and sustaining strong connections within language development classrooms.
  • Persistence through Challenges: Equipping scholars to persevere and overcome obstacles.
  • Effective Communication: Expressing thoughts and ideas proficiently through writing, effective speaking, and active listening.
  • Collaborative Work: Productive and efficient collaboration within groups.
  • Critical Thinking: Organizing new information critically and effectively.
  • Enhanced Reading Skills: Engaging in critical reading to deepen comprehension of diverse texts.
image of AVID students in class

Inspiring, impactful benefits for educators:

  • Tailored Differentiation: Access instructional routines and thematic lessons specifically tailored to diverse proficiency levels, ensuring every student’s needs are met.
  • WICOR Integration: Immerse your classrooms in WICOR (Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading) and future-ready skills seamlessly woven into each instructional routine, preparing students for success beyond the classroom.
  • Engaging Learning Experience: Foster a dynamic and rigorous learning environment with age-appropriate, captivating content that keeps students actively engaged.
  • Student Empowerment: Thematic units focus on developing student agency, scholarly habits, and exploration of college and career paths, laying the foundation for their future success.
  • Proven Instructional Models: Benefit from lesson design and delivery rooted in the Gradual Release of Responsibility and research-based instructional models. This includes diagnostic teaching, language coaching, scaffolding, and setting high expectations for student achievement.

Bring AVID Emerge to Your School!

Upcoming PL Opportunities

Open to all educators!

Event registration cost includes Digital Toolkit.

Next Steps:

  • Select one of the Summer PL Opportunities to register for AVID Emerge training.
  • AVID Members have the option to add AVID Emerge to their annual AVID Agreement.
  • Not an AVID Member? No problem! Click here for steps to create a MyAVID account.
  • If you have 20 or more educators, reach out to [email protected] for information on hosting a 2-day district training.


Introducing AVID Emerge