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Leading the Charge: Why Educators and Students Need AI Policies

AVID is Helping Our Partners Unlock the Power of Instructional AI

Instructional AI enhances critical thinking and writing skills through instant feedback on discussions and essays, allowing teachers to prioritize feedback on students’ ideas.

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AVID Elective 6–12 & Excel Elective 7–8 Teachers

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Frequently Asked Questions

More info about Instructional AI

image of AVID students

Benefits for Students

Instructional AI promotes equal educational opportunities for all students, fostering a collaborative and academically supportive environment. Our AI-driven feedback system, akin to personalized tutoring, empowers students to:

  • Develop student agency
  • Cultivate their distinctive voices in their writing
  • Ask higher-level questions
  • Acquire essential WICOR skills crucial for success

High-interest topics, a social-media-like environment, and gamification elements prompt students to drive rigorous discussions—a great fit with AVID strategies such as Socratic Seminars and Philosophical Chairs.

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Benefits for Educators

AI feedback serves as a teaching assistant, saving time on grading and providing teachers with individualized insights that help scaffold each student up to higher-order inquiry and writing skills. Instructional AI in the AVID classroom empowers teachers to maximize their precious teaching minutes by:

  • Saving teachers time, reducing grading workload
  • Eliminating unintended grading inconsistencies
  • Providing valuable suggestions for essay assessment methods and rationales
  • Issuing alerts for both traditional and AI-detected plagiarism
  • Allowing teachers to shift their focus and allocate more time to engage with students.

Did You Know?

On average, teachers that use Instructional AI in their classroom
reduce the time required to assess writing by 60%!

Instructional AI vs. Generative AI

Instructional AI offers user feedback on language conventions and structure, fostering improved thinking and writing. In contrast, generative AI, such as ChatGPT, Microsoft Bing Chat, and Google Bard, learn input patterns to generate similar data.

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AVID and Packback have partnered to provide teachers of the AVID Elective for grades 9–12 and the AVID Excel Elective for grades 7–8 with access to Instructional AI through June 30, 2024. Eligible teachers who sign up for this access will receive training and ongoing support to make the most of this powerful tool. Instructional AI will be integrated into numerous AVID Weeks at a Glance lessons and digital planning guides—12 of each—making it easy to get started. Sign up for one-hour training session today!

Interested in Instructional AI for Additional Classes?

If you are at an AVID district or school and would like to purchase Instructional AI for use in classes outside of the AVID Elective for grades 9–12 and AVID Excel Elective for grades 7–8, click below to learn about special pricing for AVID partners.

image of AVID students in class

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Explore strategies and resources to maximize the value of educational technology and equip students with the creative and cognitive skills to thrive in the future workplace.


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Please note that in order to receive $0 pricing through the Packback and AVID partnership, each school must have a signed Data Privacy Agreement. A Data Privacy Agreement (DPA) is a consent form that all schools must sign prior to working with any 3rd party technology companies (like Packback!). Packback will be reaching out to your school’s administrators to secure a signed DPA. However, your assistance in approaching administration to secure a signed DPA can help expedite this process so you can get started using Packback ASAP.