Designed to provide everything a school (or district) would need to run a STEM-focused learning experience for grades K–8.

AVID STEM Academy provides all the resources teachers need to easily implement a full-time, 5-hour-per-day, 2-week summer school experience with 50 contact hours, or a 4-week, 2.5-hour-per-day program that can be offered face-to-face or remote.

Join the AVID STEM Academy to embolden students to shape their future—and that of the world—through this multidisciplinary, interactive experience for K–8 students. Discover how teachers can accelerate learning this summer by engaging students in hands-on lessons that foster creativity and guide them through real-world problem-solving.

The lessons and resources in AVID STEM Academy are designed to provide support for teachers new to STEM, as well as extensions for more experienced practitioners, with an instructional approach that focuses on design thinking, problem-solving, and student agency.

Open to all schools and districts


for non-members with up to 10 licenses


for AVID partners per site

Includes access to lessons and supporting resources for teachers and students via AVID’s eLearning platform.


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Help Students Become Agents of Change

Students in our classrooms today will have career opportunities we can’t even imagine! While we may not exactly know what those jobs will be, it is likely they will be related to the STEM field. All students need to be introduced to STEM experiences at an early age to build the foundation they will need for future careers. Most careers will require that people think critically and collaborate with others to solve complex problems to positively impact their communities and the world.

Real-World Problem-Solving to Develop Your Students’ Readiness for a Future Full of Possibilities

AVID STEM Academy curates experiences that allow students to respond with empathy to current events while developing authentic solutions that can be shared with their communities—their school, their neighborhood, even global audiences. The multidisciplinary lessons and resources in AVID STEM Academy are designed to help educators develop students’ future-ready skills through multiple topics that align to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs).


AVID STEM Academy Provides

  • Lessons aligned to national standards that illustrate how a STEM mindset can be utilized to promote problem-solving across core subject areas
  • 50 contact hours that can be organized as a 2-week, 5-hour-per-day STEM Academy or a 4-week, 2.5-hour-per-day program
  • Interactive, rigorous STEM lessons organized by daily, developmentally appropriate themes that incorporate SEL and reflection activities for K–2, 3–5, and 6–8 grade bands
  • Hands-on learning opportunities that allow students to put on the shoes of innovative problem-solvers, fostering creativity, collaboration, growth mindset, and student agency
  • Classroom-ready curriculum that is easy to implement with all the resources teachers will need in one location, including lesson extensions and modifications so you can meet your students where they are at
  • Opportunities for students to develop future-ready skills that will prepare them to be successful in school, careers, and beyond

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