Hotel and Lodging Questions

What do I need to know about booking a hotel room?

  • You must reserve an AVID-contracted hotel room through the housing platform.
    Learn more about hotel accommodations on the city page of your desired Summer Institute.
  • A credit card must be on file for all reservations.
  • Sites can use the hotel booking page to reserve a sub-block of 10 or more rooms.
  • The cancellation date for a sub-block is approximately 4 weeks before the Institute begins so that unused rooms can be released back into inventory for other partners. The hotel booking page will have the exact date for cancellation.
  • AVID does not handle any financial transactions for hotel rooms.
  • After the reservation cutoff date (3–4 weeks prior to the event), the site should work directly with the hotel to change reservations or to pay by purchase order or check.

Who can answer hotel-related questions?

Guests should contact the housing customer service phone number listed on the housing site.

Will AVID Care still answer Institute questions?

Yes, AVID Care is the primary customer service line for Summer Institute questions. If guests have questions about hotels or room blocks, the AVID Care team will provide the event housing customer service number to the caller.

What happens if the guest calls the hotel directly to book a room or block of rooms?

The hotel will refer them to the event housing partner to reserve a room in the AVID block.

What happens if the guest wants to book a room directly with the hotel outside the block?

We encourage guests to book within the AVID room block, so they receive the group rate and special concessions like complimentary WiFi in their guest room.

What should a guest do if they have already booked a block of rooms with the hotel directly?

Guests should cancel the block with the hotel and register the block with the event housing partner. This should be done before any cancellation fees apply to the original reservation.

What is the process of using a purchase order in lieu of a credit card to hold a room block?

All guests must use a credit card to create their reservation. If the school or district wants to use a purchase order or check for the final payment, arrangements can be made directly with the hotel after the reservation cutoff date (3–4 weeks prior to the event). The cutoff date is listed on the hotel reservation site for each city.

Does the requester have to provide names for each room when booking a block of rooms?

Sites do not need to provide names at the time of booking if it is before the cancellation date (7–8 weeks prior). However, sites must confirm room reservations and provide names for rooms by the cancellation date, or rooms will be released. The hotel booking page will have the exact dates for cancellation.

When reserving a block of rooms, what is the difference between a “group name” and a “username”?

The “group name” is the school or school district name; the “username” is the name the user will use to log in to their account.

What happens if the requester doesn’t provide names for room blocks by the cancellation date?

The rooms will be released.

Can the requester book half of the rooms at one hotel and the other half at another hotel?

Yes. They can put the request in the Special Requests field on the event hotel booking page website.

Can a guest reserve a room outside of the official conference dates?

Guests can request a room. If there is no available inventory, the requested night will be automatically waitlisted, and the event housing specialist will check availability. If the hotel cannot provide more rooms, the waitlist will close, and the requester will be notified. If rooms are added to the block, the requester will receive a confirmation via email.

How does the guest know when the reservation has been accepted and completed?

The housing bureau will send the guest a confirmation email when a room is reserved through the housing platform. The hotel will send an additional confirmation email, with a hotel confirmation number, to the guest no later than 7 days before the event starts.

Is there a place to put a hotel reward number to get credit for the stay?

Yes, there is a space on the hotel booking page to add the hotel reward number.

How can a guest request special accommodations?

There is a place on the hotel booking page where the guest can indicate special accommodations.