Student Speaker Contest

The 2023 AVID Speaker Contest invites elementary, middle, and high school students to share their AVID experience.

Whether through written word in an essay, poem, short story, or impassioned speech, we encourage you to share your story in response to one of the prompts below. Ideally, submissions should be approximately 500–800 words and no more than 5–7 minutes long when presented.

Winners will receive a $500 honorarium, paid travel accommodations to share their story live at AVID Summer Institute 2023, and a personalized letter of recommendation from our AVID CEO Thuan Nguyen.

Photo of an AVID Student Speaker

Which Prompt Resonates With You?

Used with permission of The Common Application,

Student Prompt

The lessons we gain from having to be resilient during challenging times often become fundamental tools we use to navigate future challenges and obtain success.

How has your school and AVID experience helped you become more resilient?

Prompt Tips

  1. Share a challenge or obstacle you have faced in life where you needed to be resilient.
  2. Use specific examples to help listeners understand your moments of challenge and enable them to cheer for your success.

Student Prompt

AVID educators are often celebrated for impacting students’ lives. From the little gestures of offering words of advice and encouragement to showing up years later to celebrate a former student’s college graduation or wedding, AVID educators go above and beyond their call to ensure students are cared for and prepared for all of life’s possibilities.

Reflect on something that a teacher, peer, coach, principal, or school staff in your AVID community has done that has made you thankful in a surprising way. How has that gratitude affected or motivated you?

Student Prompt

Success comes in a variety of forms. What success looks like for one person might differ drastically for another in a different situation.

Share an accomplishment, event, or realization that sparked an understanding of what success could look like for you. Who supported you along that path, and what do you imagine success will look like for you in the future?

Prompt Tips

  • Share what led to your accomplishment, event, or realization and what it meant.

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Contest Open October 31, 2022 – February 20, 2023