University Credit

AVID Center's accredited university partner—the University of San Diego—offers graduate-level, continuing education credit through completion of our professional learning events.

Please ensure that your district will grant professional development credit for the completion of the training and required interactions prior to credit registration.

Units Offered 1.5 semester units
Fee $118.50
  • Attend all sessions, in their entirety, on your own device during the AVID Path to Schoolwide experience.
  • Be an active participant by engaging in the course activities. This includes responding to discussion boards and engaging in other interactive activities.
  • Complete all end-of-day feedback forms.
Credit Registration Deadline December 31st (11:59 pm PT within the year of the last day the event concludes). Neither USD nor AVID can make exceptions to this deadline.
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Please Note If this is your first time enrolling for credit for a Path event this calendar year, please select the “1st course” link above.