Educator Speaker Contest

The 2023 AVID Speaker Contest invites elementary, middle, and high school leaders and educators to tell their AVID stories.

Whether through written word in an essay, poem, short story, or impassioned speech, we encourage you to share your story in whatever way works best for you. Ideally, submissions should be approximately 500–800 words and no more than 5–7 minutes long when presented.

Winners will receive a $500 honorarium or complimentary registration for AVID Summer Institute and paid travel accommodations to share their story live at AVID Summer Institute 2023.

Photo of an Educator Speaker

Which Prompt Resonates With You?

Educator Prompt

Imagine what’s possible when educators rally around their student population with unwavering support, break down barriers, align their work through a vision of college and career readiness, and advocate for student opportunity. This is what AVID educators do in the AVID Elective, on the Site Team, in content classes, and throughout the school campus.

Reflect on your journey as an AVID educator and the students you had in your classroom, office, or school. In what way has your AVID experience impacted the way you serve students?

Prompt Tips

  1. Share the role relational capacity and classroom culture played in students’ academic and social-emotional learning experiences.
  2. Include what was made possible for you and your students because of your AVID work.

Educator Prompt

The lessons we take from students can be fundamental to who we are as educators.

Recount a time when a student left a profound impact on you. How did it affect you, and what did you learn from that encounter?

Prompt Tips

  1. Share specific stories that give the reader insight into who this student is, their role in impacting your way of thinking or engaging students, and the ultimate result of that encounter.
  2. Recall how it turned out and where that student is now.

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Contest Open October 31, 2022 – February 20, 2023