Important To-Dos

AVID DigitalXP closes the distance between learning and doing. Engage with colleagues to learn, practice, apply, and reflect. Enjoy vast resources and a virtual Community of Practice.

AVID’s professional learning experience includes interactive online learning and networking that will require you to have access to different technology tools. Your participation is contingent on access to AVID technology platforms and tools. Please review the checklist below to make sure you have everything you need before you start your learning journey.

Before Day 1

  • Note your scheduled dates and times.
    Check your event dates and the daily schedule, so you know when your event is taking place and in what time zone.
  • Ensure you are registered for the correct Community of Practice.
    Refer to the Professional Learning Guide for all Community of Practice titles and descriptions.
  • Complete your required eLearning Pre-Work.
    As part of your AVID Professional Learning experience, all registrants are required to complete the eLearning Pre-Work prior to attending AVID DigitalXP. Watch this video on how to access your Pre-Work. To ensure a seamless experience, follow the recommendations on this technology checklist.
  • Use your own digital device for the training.
    All professional learning requires participants to have their own device or laptop that can connect to the Internet. Participants must use an acceptable device, power cord, and earbuds/headphones when attending the Community of Practice. If a district-issued device is being used, be sure to log in to the device on the district network before attending. Device software and preferred web browsers (Chrome or Firefox) need to be up-to-date. It is highly recommended that participants have both browsers on their device prior to attending the training. Acceptable devices include laptops, Chromebooks, Surface devices, and iPad Pros. Unacceptable devices include iPads, iPad minis, Kindle or Galaxy tablets, and smartphones. For an optimal experience for you and others in your AVID DigitalXP Community of Practice, it is highly recommended that you work in a quiet area away from distractions and background noise.
  • Request Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) support, if needed.
    If you require special devices or need assistance per ADA guidelines, please submit your request at least 5 days before the training starts.

During the Professional Learning

  • Join your AVID DigitalXP Community of Practice through your MyAVID eLearning platform.
    Your Pre-Work course includes all the information you need to access, set up, and navigate through your Community of Practice.
  • Be Informed — AVID DigitalXP Day 1
    On Day 1, participants are invited to attend AVID 101, an optional introductory session that gives participants a stronger AVID foundation before engaging with specialized content in their Community of Practice. This session is for participants who are new to AVID and those who would like a review. For more information, see Day 1 Questions.
  • Site Teams
    Site Teams will be an integral part of the summer professional learning experience. Review the daily schedule for Site Team meeting times. For more information, see Site Teams.
  • General Session — AVID DigitalXP Day 2
    Start Day 2 with a fun and engaging General Session where student and educator speakers provide inspiration. You can access this session through your Community of Practice eLearning course.
  • Have Fun!
    Time for a Scavenger Hunt!

    AVID has partnered with GooseChase to create a digital scavenger hunt to help you build community with fellow participants. The special code you will need to join the game is available in your Pre-Work eLearning course. Your first mission starts in the Pre-Work course and continues with new missions each day of AVID DigitalXP. Winners will receive a special prize from MyAVIDStore. Follow these directions.

After the Professional Learning

  • Complete the Exit Survey in your eLearning course on Day 3 of your Community of Practice.
    At the conclusion of your Community of Practice course, you will find a link to an Exit Survey in your course module. Please take the time to complete it. Your feedback is essential and helps AVID create relevant and meaningful professional development sessions for partners.
  • Receive your Digital Badge.
    You will receive an email for your Digital Badge from “AVID via Accredible” ([email protected]) if you have met the following requirements:

    • Attend all sessions for your Community of Practice.
    • Be an active participant.
    • Complete all end-of-day feedback forms and exit surveys.

The Digital Badge can be shared with others to confirm successful completion of the course. Badges can be added to email signatures, portfolios, and social media accounts.

  • Get information on university credit.
  • Continue your Learning Journey.
    Your AVID Digital Experience includes school-year support so you can continue learning and collaborating with your Community of Practice (CoP). Links to these additional learning experiences are located within your DigitalXP Community of Practice eLearning course.

    • Extended Learning Pathways (ELPs): Choose two 6-hour sessions of synchronous and asynchronous learning as extensions of your AVID DigitalXP learning experience. Review the ELP descriptions to identify sessions that align with your School-Year Community of Practice. At the end of the Summer DigitalXP season, you will receive an email inviting you to register. ELP participants can earn an AVID Digital Badge and can enroll for University Credit.
    • On-Demand Learning Modules (ODLs): Six 90-minute asynchronous learning experiences provide content for educators to deepen and/or extend their learning. They are available any time, and the pace of learning is determined by the participant.
    • Weekly Office Hours: AVID DigitalXP office hours will provide an opportunity to ask questions about the application of your AVID summer learning. The office hours will be supported by AVID staff members and will also be a space for you to talk with and learn from your AVID DigitalXP colleagues.

Other Important Information

  • AVID Rest Assured Policy
    View the Rest Assured Policy for important information about cancellation deadlines and AVID’s refund policy.
  • AVID Center Event Code of Conduct
    AVID Center is committed to having a friendly, safe, and welcoming environment for all attendees. If you are subjected to unacceptable behavior, notice that someone else is being subjected to unacceptable behavior, or have any other concerns, please contact AVID Care as soon as possible. View more information about AVID Center’s Event Code of Conduct policy.
  • Payment
    There are several ways to pay for your registration(s). Visit the Payments page for payment options and requirements.
  • AVID Media Release
    By attending AVID face-to-face or online events, you grant to AVID and its legal representatives, agents, licensees, and assigns, the right and permission to use, publish, sell, and license videos, pictures, written work, or recordings of you or in which you may be included, in whole or in part, without restriction, in conjunction with your own or fictitious name, in any and all media now or hereafter known for any purpose whatsoever, and you waive any right of publicity, copyright, or other intellectual property right from the aforementioned use.
  • AVID Digital System Status Dashboard for System Outages
    During an online event, there are always risks of technical issues. We do not anticipate any major technical outages, but if we experience any outages, we will notify you of the outage, the timeline for updates, and when the issue has been resolved.If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please contact 1-833-AVID-CARE (1-833-284-3227). Updates are also posted on the AVID Digital System Status Dashboard.
  • Still Have Questions?
    Contact the AVID Care team or call (833) 284-3227.