Event Information

Request a Path Training

  • District Path Training
    Request a training using the Path Training Event Request Form link.
  • Regional Path Training
    Contact your Regional Area Director or Program Manager to request a training.


  • MyAVID account holders can log in to register via the Event Registration tab.
  • If you’re not a MyAVID account holder, please create an account. If you have any issues creating your account, contact AVID Care for assistance.

Registration Fees

  • For Trainings On or Before June 30
    • Up to 4 weeks prior to training date: $565.00 (Save $34 by registering early!)
    • Within 4 weeks of training date: $599.00
    • View the 2021–2022 AVID Path to Schoolwide Training contract structure here.
  • For Trainings July 1 and Beyond
    • Up to 4 weeks prior to training date: $580.00 (Save $35 by registering early!)
    • Within 4 weeks of training date: $615.00

Payment Options

  • Credit Card
    Once you enter a registration online, paying by credit card will secure your registration immediately. You will receive an email confirmation after payment. If you prefer not to enter a credit card number online or if you would like to pay for several registrations in one credit card transaction, select the Pay Later option, choose Credit Card from the dropdown menu, and complete the Credit Card Authorization Form and fax it to (800) 524-9917.
  • Purchase Order
    To submit a Purchase Order to initiate the payment process, email, fax, or mail your completed Registration Worksheet/Payment Coversheet with a copy of the PO to AVID Center. Please note that the purchase order number alone or a requisition for a PO does not serve to initiate the payment process. We must receive the actual purchase order or a copy of the purchase order by email, mail, or fax. Send your Purchase Order with completed Payment Worksheet to:
    Fax: (800) 524-9917
    Email: [email protected]
    Mail: AVID – Path Payment
    Dept. 270
    PO Box 509015
    San Diego, CA 92150-9015
  • Check
    Make checks payable to AVID Center and mail with your completed Payment Worksheet to:
    AVID Center
    Dept 270
    PO Box 509015
    San Diego, CA 92150-9015Please note that we cannot accept a copy of the check, the check number, or a check request form. To complete payment, we must receive the actual check. AVID Center will send an email confirmation as soon as payment is processed.
  • If you have any questions please email [email protected].

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

  • Continuing Education Units may be available for attending an AVID Path to Schoolwide Training. Please refer to the strand materials provided at the training for details. For additional information please visit our University Credit page.

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