Customizing Ignite for Your District or Site

Event Preparation and Logistics for Ignite and Beyond

For site and district leaders who want the efficiency and savings that come from virtual learning but also wish to promote connection and planning at the local level, AVID Ignite has you covered! The AVID Ignite schedule includes open time for sites and districts to offer their own complementary in-person or virtual sessions tailored to their specific goals and needs.

Align to
District Goals

Customizing Ignite for your district or site is an option available as part of Ignite. A comprehensive digital guide has been created to support individuals or groups who have been empowered to create an extended, localized Ignite Journey for educators at their district or site by providing onsite (or virtual) activities that complement the Ignite experience.

These activities can take place before and/or after Ignite national virtual learning sessions, or other dates of your choice.

In this guide, “you” refers to you—the event designers and organizers—and “participants” refers to the individual educators registered for Ignite professional learning.

Create Team Time for Reflecting and Planning

Each day of Ignite, participants will engage as individuals, alongside national peers, in a virtual Community of Practice that is followed by a virtual session on educator agency.

However, with your help, they will also engage in campus- or district-level activities held onsite or virtually, creating an experience that is customized to the learning goals and needs of your school or district.

Energize and

Love the inspiration, connection, and energy that you feel when gathering at Summer Institute? You can build similar uplifting and motivating experiences into your own site- or district-hosted Ignite events.

Organize team and trust-building exercises that will help your team(s) build relational capacity. Integrate inspirational videos or live student and educator speakers from your school or district into your program.

Invite parents or other community members in to speak and reignite the “why” for this work. Feature a performance from a student or community group; choirs, bands, dance troupes and beyond can enrich the experience and get your teams moving! The sky is the limit.