Event Information


  • Is there a limit to how many participants may register from a single district?
    No, there is no limit, but please contact us if you are registering a group to discuss group pricing options.
  • Can educators participate in multiple sessions?
    Yes, and educators will benefit from participating in multiple sessions because the content of each of the sessions is unique. To participate in multiple sessions, you must register for a different set of event dates for each session. It is not possible to participate in two different sessions during the same event.
  • Can I request dates for sessions?
    Groups of 35 or more per session can contact us and request dates. AVID Center will review requests in the order they are received and schedule dates based on availability.
  • How do I learn more about group discounts?
    Please contact AVID Center regional staff or submit this form.
  • What is the registration deadline and cancellation policy for AVID ElevateXP?
    Registration closes two business days before the start of an event. For cancellation information, review the Rest Assured Policy.
  • How do I register for AVID ElevateXP if I am in an AVID district or school?
    Educators in AVID-affiliated districts and schools can go to MyAVID to register. AVID ElevateXP is its own event type. Participants select the set of dates for the event and the session they wish to attend. Please do pay attention to the time zone for your event because the  ElevateXP schedule aligns with that time zone.
  • How do I register for AVID ElevateXP if my district is not affiliated with AVID?
    All educators have the opportunity to enroll in AVID ElevateXP. If you are not in an AVID-affiliated district, please register here. If you are not sure whether your district is an AVID partner, please contact AVID Care at [email protected] or 1-833-AVID-CARE (1-833-284-3227), and a representative will assist you with registration.
  • How do District Directors manage registration?
    Please visit Event Request & Registration Help in MyAVID for directions.
  • Who can help with registration issues?
    Please contact AVID Care with registration questions for AVID ElevateXP. You can contact us by email at [email protected] or call 1-833-AVID-CARE (1-833-284-3227).

Technology Information and Testing

  • What technology will participants need during the session, and how do I prepare?
    After registration, we will provide you with a Technology Checklist that outlines all technology requirements for AVID ElevateXP. We will also provide you with access to the AVID ElevateXP Pre-Work module in our eLearning system that will provide detailed directions and videos to ensure you are prepared for the sessions.

University Credits and Digital Badges

  • Can I earn credits for participating in AVID ElevateXP?
    Yes, AVID Center’s accredited university partner, University of California San Diego Extension, offers graduate-level university credit for district salary advancement through completion of our professional learning events. Please ensure that your district will grant professional development credit for attendance and completion of the session modules prior to credit registration. Visit my.avid.org/credit to find out more information and to register.
Units Offered 2 quarter units
(1.5 semester units equivalent)
Fee $100.00
Requirements Attendance at all synchronous and deeper learning modules; completion of all assignments prior to the deadline.
  • Will I earn a digital badge?
    Yes, participants who are marked as present through our attendance system in each module of their AVID ElevateXP sessions will be awarded a digital badge. Any individuals who are absent for any modules will not qualify.

General Information

  • What materials will AVID ElevateXP participants receive?
    We will provide all materials digitally. Any print materials for new sites will follow the normal delivery process.
  • What is the typical schedule during the 3-hour modules?
    Each 3-hour module will include a combination of synchronous (live) interaction and Deeper Learning time, where facilitators will be available to work with participants in a variety of semi-synchronous ways. Modules will include energizers and short breaks.
  • Are districts expected to hold this training in person with their educators?
    No, we are designing this experience so that educators can participate from any location. Through different structures, they will be able to engage with one another synchronously and asynchronously.

Discussion Forums and One-to-One Coaching

  • What will happen in the Discussion Forums?
    The Discussion Forums will provide an asynchronous opportunity for participants to continue to connect and share their learning and reflections, through May 31, 2021.
  • What is virtual one-to-one coaching?
    Participants can schedule up to four 30-minute sessions to connect with their facilitator to receive one-to-one implementation support and feedback. Coaching sessions are available after the first module or at the end of first day of professional learning (if modules 1 and 2 are on the same day) and continue for four weeks after the conclusion of the last module.

Payment Information

  • How do I pay for my registration?
    AVID Center offers options for individual and group registration. More information is available on our Payment Processing page.