Steve Silberman joined the team at AVID Center as Executive Vice President in May 2015. He oversees business operations including marketing, communication, finance, human resources, research, evaluation, development, and strategic planning.

Mr. Silberman brings with him years of experience as a strong leader of people and business entities. He has spent most of his career in media and marketing. Most recently, he served as a regional president for the Gannett Company, a Fortune 500 company that is the largest publisher of newspapers in the country. While at Gannett, he led the region’s transformation from a traditional newspaper to a digital organization, providing sophisticated digital marketing solutions and content. He also spearheaded an industry-wide project on innovation. Mr. Silberman is a storyteller at heart and has worked closely with school districts, hospitals, nonprofits, government agencies, and businesses to tell their stories, grow their brand, and extend their footprint.

Mr. Silberman is passionate about education and providing opportunities for all students to succeed. His master’s thesis focused on public schools in New York City. Early in his career, he was an education reporter; he has written about and been involved with education reform in six different states. As a business executive, community leader, publisher, and editor, Mr. Silberman has advocated for strong public schools and for educational equity. His involvement in assisting schools and students most recently included the Salem-Keizer Education Foundation, Willamette Academy, Salem Area Chamber of Commerce’s Ready to Learn–Ready to Work program, and Academic All Stars.

Mr. Silberman is long familiar with AVID—his two children attended schools that relied on the AVID system, and his wife taught at a school that implemented AVID as well.

Mr. Silberman has an MS in Journalism from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and a BA in Sociology from Vassar College.

Photo of Steve Silberman

Steve Silberman