Regional Funding Opportunities

AVID strives to assist current and potential AVID districts, sites, institutions, and educators in locating ways to financially support bringing AVID products and services to their district or institution. Below are funding opportunities that educators, schools, districts, and/or 501(c)(3) organizations—such as local or district education foundations—can apply for. This information is provided as a public service. AVID is not affiliated with the organizations or opportunities below which have been brought to our attention through communications from funders and grant opportunity newsletters. These opportunities are available for you and/or your organization to research. Please visit the organization or foundation’s website for full details to determine eligibility.

REMEMBER: Every school district and institution of higher education has its own internal protocols and systems to identify and apply for external funding. AVID District Directors, liaisons, and other advocates should work closely with school district leaders, grant writers, and development departments at colleges/universities to coordinate fundraising efforts.

***Regional Funding Opportunities Available Soon***

For grant-related questions, please reach out to Cindy Ayala, Grants Management Specialist.