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One Mission…Student Success!

Empowering Every Student’s Potential

AVID Postsecondary Support started in 2010 and has proudly supported students and their faculty in colleges and universities institutions of higher education, both two-year and four-year institutions, in 19 states.

Student Success

AVID’s comprehensive and strategic approach to Student Success promotes student and faculty engagement in curricular and co-curricular activities. Building relationships with faculty and staff to support students is a unique and key element in the professional learning modules, which focus on high-engagement instructional strategies. The AVID suite of professional learning products and services is designed to assist faculty in engaging students in the learning process by integrating AVID’s WICOR® instructional framework. There is additional support for advising, Socratic peer tutoring, and peer mentoring to provide students with comprehensive wrap-around support.

What We Provide

Professional learning and wrap-around support intended to positively affect students’ persistence and completion in college.

Who We Serve

Faculty, staff, and students in colleges, including technical, public, private, Hispanic-Serving Institutions, and Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Target Audience

  • First-year seminar instructors
  • General education faculty
  • Instructors of developmental education
  • Career and technical/professional education instructors
  • Adult education and literacy (AEL) instructors
  • Co-curricular staff
  • Students from freshman year through graduation and degree or certificate completion

Program Supports

  • Customized on-site faculty/staff development and planning for systematic implementation of AHE
  • First-year seminar and transition courses
  • AVID Student Center services
  • Peer tutoring/mentoring
  • Advising
  • Integrated career pathway models

“I think what makes AVID a really important tool is that it gives students a way to learn that’s not just specific to a classroom, but specific to a life.”

– Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart, President, Amarillo College, Amarillo, TX

AVID Student Success Model

The AVID student success model is broken down in to three categories: Career and Technical/Professional Education, Developmental Education, and Adult Education and Literacy. AVID provides specific training and tools for each of these categories in addition to supporting the students’ first-year experience and general faculty development.

Career and Technical/Professional Education

AVID’s career and technical/professional education support at two-year and technical colleges provides instructors with instructional tools and support to use in the classroom and hands-on lab. AVID’s framework and methodologies represent the same set of skills and habits that employers are looking for in future hires. AVID’s teaching strategies enhance a teaching and learning environment where theory and practice better align with industry standards by focusing on the development of “soft” skills.

Developmental Education

AVID provides in-depth, customized professional learning opportunities with on-site workshops and materials to master student-centered instructional strategies − key to supporting students in developmental education. Professional learning sessions focus on core skills that all students need to succeed academically—writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading—known as AVID’s WICOR framework. Instructors are also given strategies for cultivating a learning community that helps developmental education students to thrive in higher education as they prepare to transition to certificate or degree programs.

Adult Education and Literacy

AVID provides tools to structure and scaffold learning to assist educators in meeting adult learners’ needs by implementing fundamental methodologies and strategies that engage AEL students in critical thinking in a collaborative environment. AVID’s scaffolded academic reading strategies support student success with high school equivalency exams. AVID staff understand the need to build academic language and literacy in adult learners as a way to create positive learning environments and foster motivation for students who seek high school diplomas and/or return to college to pursue a career pathway and develop workforce skills.

Teacher Preparation

AVID Postsecondary partners with college education programs to develop pedagogical and pre-service experiences that increase the capacity of future teachers to support a college-going culture. Teacher candidates analyze and practice high engagement instructional strategies to enable them to meet a broad spectrum of student needs.

What We Provide

Enhanced and collaborative professional learning experiences and mapping of interactive methodologies and strategies to build capacity in future teachers.

Who We Serve

Departments, schools, and colleges of education at public and private colleges and universities.

Target Audience

  • College of Education faculty
  • Elementary and secondary teacher candidates

Program Supports

  • Customized on-site faculty development and planning
  • Development of an instructional map that introduces and reinforces AVID frameworks, methodologies, and strategies

The Benefits of Partnership

Access to AVID’s postsecondary on-line resources for the academic year (July 1-June 30th). Resources include:

  • AVID’s WICOR (writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading) instructional framework strategies with on-demand videos
  • Resource to support:
    • High Engagement Practices Instruction (in-person, hybrid, and online)
    • College and Career Pathways First year experience/orientation seminar
    • Student college and career success skills
  • AVID’s Socratic Tutorial materials to support student learning and success centers
  • Research-based review of literature documents for AVID practices and philosophy.
  • Use of logo and program materials