Frequently Asked Questions

Technology Information and Testing

  • To ensure the best experience, take a moment before your scheduled session to check your internet and streaming speed.
  • Need help during a DigitalXP session?
    Call 1-833-AVID CARE (1-833-284-3227), then follow the prompts to the Digital Help Desk to connect to an AVID team member who can help you with your account, audio or video issues with BigBlueButton, and other general information.


  • How do I register for AVID DigitalXP?
    Educators in AVID-affiliated districts can register on
    If you are not in an AVID-member district or are not sure whether your district is affiliated with AVID, please contact us at [email protected] or 1-833-284-3227, and an AVID Care representative will assist you with registration.
  • Is there a limit to how many participants may register from a district?
    No, there is no limit.
  • How can District Directors manage registration?
    Please visit the Event Request & Registration Help page in MyAVID for directions.
  • Can AVID Care help people with registration issues?
    Yes, AVID Care is fully prepared to help with registration questions for AVID DigitalXP, and you can contact us by email at [email protected] or by calling 1-833-284-3227.
  • What is the cancellation policy and timing for cancellations for registrations in AVID DigitalXP?
    Please review the Rest Assured Policy.

University Credits and Digital Badges

University of California San Diego Extension offers university credit for completion of our professional learning events. You must complete all required eLearning activities to earn your credit.

Units Offered 3 quarter units (2 semester units equivalent)
Fee $150.00
Requirements Daily attendance at all synchronous and semi-synchronous AVID DigitalXP sessions; Site Team preparation and participation; completion of all assignments prior to deadline.
Credit Registration Deadline The Summer AVID DigitalXP credit registration deadline is Friday, August 27, 2021.
Register UCSD Extension AVID programs website

Note: You will need to create a separate login account on the UCSD Extension website. Please use the same email and name that is listed in MyAVID when enrolling to avoid any delays in receiving your transcript.

Expedited Transcript Request Transcripts for Summer AVID DigitalXP will be received no later than Friday, October 1, 2021. Should you require your transcript before this date, please check back after the event for the expedited transcript request process.

General Information

All materials will be provided digitally. This professional learning will include new content such as the AVID College and Career Readiness Framework, new tools to enhance rigor in the classroom, and new resources.

The school-year Communities of Practice will bridge the knowing–doing gap and provide you with an opportunity to engage with others as you implement instructional practices from your AVID DigitalXP summer session.

Communities of Practice and One-to-One Coaching

  • What is a Community of Practice?
    The Community of Practice is a group of educators with similar roles, grouped by regional proximity. Each Community of Practice will start as a group with AVID facilitators and continue as a community during the school year. The school-year community is a continuation of professional learning, and the level of participation will be determined by the individual participants. During the school year, there will also be options for participants to choose additional topics to expand their learning.
  • How will the Communities of Practice work during the school year?
    The Communities of Practice will be available for participation during the school year with asynchronous engagement and will work with participants to schedule any short, synchronous sessions. Educators are not expected to need substitutes or to miss days of instruction in order to participate. There will also be opportunities to schedule one-to-one coaching support with AVID facilitators.

CoP Collaborative One-to-One Coaching

Community of Practice (CoP) Collaborative Coaching consists of 30-minute synchronous coaching sessions facilitated by CoP facilitators. The sessions are requested by DigitalXP and Discover participants during posted times and are not mandatory.

These coaching sessions are focused on implementation of content connected to CoP learning, AVID instructional practices, and AVID implementation. The sessions are conducted via video conference or phone. For more information, visit the Collaborative Coaching module in your Community of Practice course.

Extended Learning Pathway

An Extended Learning Pathway is an opportunity for Community of Practice members to choose a six-hour learning journey in the Fall and Winter.

This allows members to build on their knowledge of identified topics of interest (such as academic language development, culturally proficient teaching, digital citizenship, and STEM).

New learning can be applied in participants’ school sites and shared with their Community of Practice.

Payment Information