Blake Haller joined AVID in 2021 as the Senior Director of Marketing, Communications, and Development. She is responsible for leading the Marketing Team in AVID’s efforts to spread the news and grow the impact AVID continues to have on students and educators across the nation. She has served education from the business and marketing perspective for 13 years and brings almost 20 years of marketing and sales experience to her role. During her time in education, working with educators has become one of her greatest fulfillments. To support educators in the important work they do supporting students is why she is committed to furthering the work AVID has done for over 40 years and will continue to do and grow into the future.

Throughout her various roles leading marketing teams in the education space, Blake has focused on ensuring brands communicate in authentic and impactful ways. This authenticity and reflection of their true self is what immediately drew her to AVID and the amazing team members who work to support our mission. Within the discipline of marketing, Blake specializes in bringing sales and marketing teams together to collaboratively serve the customer with integrity and simultaneously grow the organization’s impact. She also brings extensive experience planning organizational strategy, leading data-driven growth and expansion tactics, and providing market alignment for product, training, and leadership teams.

From graphic design to leadership, Blake’s various career awards include multiple American Graphic Design Awards for email and web, various key leadership roles including the Director’s Circle at Dell Computers, and her certification in Brené Brown’s “Dare to Lead” leadership training course. She also works with new managers to mentor and coach the skills needed for effective leadership, specifically focusing on the need to empower women in leadership.

Blake attended Texas A&M University, where she studied psychology and communication. She resides with her family in Austin, Texas, where they enjoy the city’s nature, live music, and food scene.

Photo of Blake Haller

Blake Haller